State-of-the-Art General Dentistry in Fountain Valley, California


General Dentistry

Young woman patient and dentist—Established Dentistry Center in Fountain Valley, California
Cosmetic Dentistry Center is your premier general dentistry provider in California. We happily provide our services to residents in Fountain Valley and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of services including fluoride treatments and extractions. If you're looking for an oral cancer screening, our experienced technicians can have you in and out with results as soon as possible.
We happily perform everything from checkups and regular cleaning to preventative education and drop-in emergency care. We have on-site digital x-ray services and can cover any of your periodontics needs as well. You can keep us in mind the next time you need a checkup or have any questions pertaining to overall oral health. We also offer tooth whitening kits. Give us a call today if you need any general dentistry services.
Portrait of a happy people—Established Dentistry Center in Fountain Valley, California
Ensure you and your family's smiles last when you choose general dentistry services from Cosmetic Dentistry Center in Fountain Valley, California. Our friendly staff truly cares about your and your family's oral health.

We Specialize in

    • Extractions - including Wisdom Teeth
    • Checkups
    • Diagnostic Testing
        • Fluoride Treatments
        • Partials
        • Teeth Cleaning
          • Periodontics
          • Oral Cancer Screenings
          • Sealants

          Our Center Also Provide

          • Drop-In Emergency Care Options
          • Brushing and Flossing Coaching
            • Digital X-Ray Services
            • Children's Dentistry Services
            • Prevention Education
            • Tooth Whitening Kit Sales
            Contact us in Fountain Valley, California, and trust our center with all of your cosmetic dentistry and denture repair needs.